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Rasayesh Institution was established in 2012, with the motto “Where do you stand in the world” aiming to create trends in the field of media and help the development and growth of the industry.

Rasayesh believes that events are the missing pieces of connecting the university with the industry and the government. Therefore, and with an international approach, it has created a platform for introducing domestic and international achievements to the target audiences.
Using modern means of information and social media, Rasayesh has established effective bonds with faculty members, authorities, industrialists, students, associations and other targeted groups in order to recognize and present the achievements of each field in the best possible time and place, benefitting all parties.
As the organizer of professional events, Rasayesh creates content whose outcome will give the advantage to the industries, by promoting dialogue, innovation and participation. Therefore, this institution has been able to organize and hold several projects on national and international levels, and in the fields of health, road and urban development, cultural heritage, tourism and arts.
The ideology behind Rasayesh does not allow the mere organization of an event. Using 50 young and able full-time personnel and 150 part-time promoters, Rasayesh works expansively on R&D, evaluating supply and demand and market studies of each industry.
Leaning on the basic concepts of holding an event-which are the industry, vision and knowledge- Rasayesh is ready to organize all national and international events.

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Rasayeh, NO.26, Hamasi alley,Peyvand &t  Nezami Ganjavi Aue, Tavanir,Tehran, Iran

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