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The 20th Iranian Veterinary Congress, together with the 1st IranVet Exhibition will be held on July 23-25 2018, in Imam Khomeini Musalla of Tehran. Rasayesh Institution will be organizing this specialized event.

According to the Congress’ secretariat, in this specialized event, the ministry of health and medical education, Iran Veterinary Organization, Iran Veterinary Council, Razi Vaccination and Serum Manufacturing Research Institute, Iran Fisheries Science Research Institute, Veterinary Faculty of Tehran University, Islamic Azad University – Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University – Sciences and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University – Garmsar Branch, Pasteur Institute of Iran, Agriculture Insurance Fund and companies operating in the veterinary fields will participate in this event.

The most important goals of Iran Veterinary Association in holding the 1st IranVet Exhibition, which will concur with the 20th Iranian Veterinary Congress, is to provide the platform for conversation and face to face debates with national and international companies in different fields of veterinary sciences, present the latest achievements and scientific industrial and research findings in veterinary, nutrition, livestock, poultry and fish, help transfer technical science and introduce modern products and technologies.

Keynote speeches, workshops with CEPs, case studies (skill transfer), article abstracts and publishing them in the Congress Book are among the plans included in the 20th Iranian Veterinary Congress, following the last years’ traditions.

It must be noted that, those interested in sending their papers and having their abstracts published in the Congress Book, must submit their abstract online in the website www.iranvetexpo.com before June 20th 2018.

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